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2017-2018 Awards

  • Texas Girls Coaches Association All State Cheer Team-Lynnsi Cole

  • 12th Place in UIL Spirit State Championship

    •  4th Place Best in Category Crowd Leading

  • 8th Place at UCA North Texas Regional Competition (Game Day)​

  • NCA Top All American-MacKenzie Avery

  • NCA All All American-Mikaili Morris, Channing Burba, Dion Williams, Sarah Stanford

  • NCA All American Nominations-Full Team (25 team Members)

  • NCA Champion Chant Winner

  • NCA Camp Spirit Award

  • NCA National Championship Bid

2017-2018: Portfolio


Sarah Mirowitz, Abby Anderson, Alex Argumaniz, Angie Lucero, Melanie Soto, Bailey Mattox, Lynnsi Cole, Mikaili Morris, Makayla Davis, Aniah Mosby

2017-2018: Welcome
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